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"The Clam"
Real Audio Video Clips

Video Clips From The Clam I & II Videos
Produced by Eric Lind

The following footage will require the Real Audio Player.
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Name of the Clip
Real Audio Format
DSL, Cable, LAN Connection
(bigger file, better quality)
Real Audio Format
AOL, 56K, Dial-up Connection
(small file, bad quality)
The Clam Documentary
The Clam I Video - Intro
The Clam II Video - Intro
Just Having Some Fun!
Running The Wall
Thread The Needle
Two Off Of The Point
Crazy Man!
Jumping Dead Man's Cliff
Check out this new footage from Winter 2005
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The following footage is not to be replicated or copied without our permission. If you are with the media and would like some footage for a report or story, please contact us. We can supply you the raw footage.





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