Winter 2005 - Surf hitting The La Jolla Clam

On March 10th, 2005 I got some good footage of some nice surf hitting The Clam. I personally edited the video and made these 5 clips. They are worth watching, even if your not a cliff jumper! It's really cool!

The reason I wanted to get this footage was to show how dangerous it is to jump here in the Wintertime. Three people have died at The Clam from downing in the footage you are about to see. If you want to read my person story of how I almost died this way - visit this link.

Winter Surf - The waves just keep pounding away at the reef and make a nice splash. (Yeah, I got very wet filming this)

Voice Mail for Eric - This is a funny clip of me filming when I was trying to leave a voice mail for Eric. I kept getting sprayed from the splash.

Washing Machine from the Street -This is a nice view of a jump called the Washing Machine viewed from Coast Blvd.

Washing Machine from up top - Here is some up close footage of The Washing Machine. (Yeah, I got really wet filming this too)

Trying to swim from The Clam to The Cove - People ask me if there is an easier way to get out rather than climb the reef. Here is your answer!

Here are some other cool pictures I got that day..

Here is a wave hitting The Washing Machine
This is a wave hitting the reef near The Point.
Yup, this is the cliff you have to climb up to get out of the water. Looks like fun!
Here is a view of the jump High Tide.
Here is a view from the top of The Clam.
It was very entertaining walking through these guys!!
About 200 of them in all took off at the same time.

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