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Jumping off The Clam has been a tradition for over a hundred years, however, in recent years it has become not only controversial but in fact has been outlawed entirely and enforced! The penalty for jumping is a fine no less than $290.00.

In recent times, only three people have died "at" The Clam. Take note that I don't say from "jumping" at The Clam.

These poor souls didn't die from jumping, they died from drowning in the cold turbulent winter surf. You argue that it was from the jumping that killed them, but you should read my story of how I almost died the same way...you will understand.

The following links will provide you with some background history, philosophy, understanding and interesting stories about The Clam. Enjoy!

Cliff Jumping Documentories

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Sean Keegan & Luke Korver

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Column about The Clam
by Christopher Reynolds

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KSWB 2001 Cover Story about The Clam 
Daily Aztec Article
about The Clam

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