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"The Clam" Jumping Index
Complete List of Jumps at the Clam
  • The Clam - The entire cliff in collectively known as "The Clam", but there is a jump called The Clam too. The reason it is called The Clam is because the two main edges of the cliff stick out over the water and round in the middle to form the shape of a clam shell.

  • The Point - This jump shapes into a point, It is the most common and 2nd most easiest jump. It's height is only 35 feet.

  • Woman's Rock - This is the easiest jump at an entire 7 feet.

  • Bear Claw - The launch point of this jump looks just like a bear's claw. A fairly easy jump at 37 feet. Just be careful of the side walls, you jump in between The Point and Woman's Rock, only a 15 foot opening.

  • Double Bear Claw (animated gif) - A jump for the veterans. This is a 45 foot jump, but it's 10 feet back from the Bear Claw. With a running start you launch off the cliff and pass right over Bear Claw and through The Pass.

  • The Pass (animated gif) - A 15 foot opening in-between The Point and The Wall. Sections of the walls have barnacles on them. Bad, bad, bad to hit them.

  • The Wall (animated gif) - One of my personal favorites! You start running broadside of The Point, and run right over Bear Claw. You make and immediate left turn and run down one of the walls of The Pass. At the end of the wall you launch off and pass right over Woman's Rock. This is a very exciting jump to watch. People have contests to see how low they can run down the wall before launching, but don't slip!

  • The Pedestal - Was just a normal 30 foot jump where you launched from a little pedestal sticking off of a cliff. For what ever reason, the City of San Diego came down and knocked it off. You can still jump it, but there is no little pedestal now.

  • The Double Pedestal (animated gif) - 5 feet back from what used to be The Pedestal is yes, another pedestal. Standing on it you launch yourself over The Pedestal. (or at least you pretend that it is still there.)

  • Thread The Needle (animated gif) - By far, this is one of the most FEARED jumps. Only standing about 35 feet, you launch yourself forward and into an envelop only about 3 feet wide. An Insane jump!

  • The Washing Machine - A visually magnificent 35 foot jump. There is a reef about 30 feet from where you jump from. If you wait for the perfect time, a swell will wash over the reef and create a very turbulent pool of water that you jump into. If taken right, after you hit the water you get washed around and flipped upside-down. This is a fun jump!

  • Virgins Crack (animated gif) - This is technically a jump, although I have never seen anyone do it. Standing only 15 feet tall, you have to land in an envelop about 1 1/2 feet wide.

  • Rock Pocket (animated gif) - A 15 foot jump into a square pocket of water. The pocket is made from the wall you stand on, and three reefs. Location point of landing is critical.

  • High Tide (animated gif) - You got it! Only jump this 55 foot jump at the highest of tides, and if that isn't enough, you have to wait for a good swell too. At a low tide, the place you land is only 2 feet deep! So even at a high tide and a good swell, you have to banana into the water at entry. The nice thing is that the Ocean floor has lots of sea grass that allows you to slide as you hit the bottom.

  • Dead Man's Cliff (entire cliff) Jumping(animated gif ) - AKA, The Ultimate Jump! This cliff reaches 107 feet tall, depending on the tide. So why is a simple 107 foot jump so hard? Some people jump bridges that are 200 feet? ? Well, considering that the wall of the mountain curves down, you cant just jump straight down. You HAVE to have a running start to clear the entire cliff, otherwise you roll down the cliff! On the way down, you have to make sure you don't over rotate from the forward momentum or you will face plant which sure would hurt! If that isn't bad enough, the water depth is only 8 to 15 feet deep, depending on the tide. I only recommend jumping at a very high tide like 7.0 or higher which only happens about 4 times a year.